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 Read Before Applying!!!

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PostSubject: Read Before Applying!!!   Sat Mar 06, 2010 3:16 pm

Copy and paste the code below into a new thread and answer the questions.

[b]- Name:[/b]
[b]- Age:[/b]
[b]- Sex: [/b]
[b]- Nationality: [/b]

[b]- Character name:[/b]
[b]- Class:[/b]
[b]- Race:[/b]
[b]- Gender:[/b]
[b]- Level:[/b]

[b]- Previous guilds on this server, and what was your reason to leave them?:[/b]

[b]- Can you give a short summary of your Characterís Life Story?:[/b]

[b]- Silverwing Outrunners are a special force, created by the leaders of the alliance. We do special orders for the alliance and patrol the alliance territories, making sure that we can pass through safely.
You could call us a defending force, but we only attack when ordered to.
Is this something you can accept?[/b]

[b]- You and a few fellow Silverwings are patrolling an alliance territory. Further down the road you see a Horde passing the road. What do you do?[/b]

[b]- You see the Militia drag away from the Goldshire with a person they claim is a criminal. What will you do?[/b]
[i]If the you answer that you will go talk with the militia [/i]
[b]The Militia answers you that he is a criminal and that he is being put in to the stockades. They do not give you any reason what do you do?[/b]

[b]- You run through a doungen like place. The whole place seems to be falling apart so you need to get out fast. You run through a tunnel which suddenly splits into two. To the left is a round room with one of your most desired items, placed in the middle of it. To the right is a tunnel with a body laying in it. Itís a fellow Silverwing and the person is not dead but unconscious. What do you do?[/b]

[b]- Your standing in line with the rest of the Silverwings, ready for battle, but no command about attack has been yelled. In front of you is a huge army of demons gathered. Their warlocks seems to be doing a ritual, and on the ritual alter lay a person you care deeply for. What do you do?[/b]


[b]- PvE, PvP and RP? Which aspect(s) of the game you like better in which descending order?:[/b]

[b]- How often do you play WoW? (hours/day):[/b]

[b]- Do you share your account with anyone?: [/b]

[b]- Do you use Flag rsp or any other RP addons?:[/b]

[b]- Do you think you can add value to our adventure?:[/b]

[b]- Since we are a RP guild, it is important to us that our members respect the rules of the server. Such as not violating any aspect of the game, and treating the channels as they should. This means that you cannot speak OOC (out of character) in RP channels, which are /s/y/e. Will you respect server policy?:[/b]

[b]- We like our chats to have a nice tone, such as Guild and OOC chat. Do you think you can keep it nice with us?:[/b]

[b]- Do you understand and agree to these rules? [url=]Guild Rules[/url][/b]

[b]- Why do you wanna join Silverwing Outrunners?[/b]

[b]- Do you have any friends within Silverwing Outrunners?:[/b]

[b]- Is there anyone outside of SwO, whom we contact for reference?:[/b]

[b]- Anything else you want to add before you apply?:[/b]

Commander Arounah Maylin Veldrin
OOC: Nanna (Yes Im Miriel Razz )
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Read Before Applying!!!
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