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 Guild Rules!

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PostSubject: Guild Rules!   Sat Mar 06, 2010 3:41 pm

Rules of the Silverwing Outrunners!

-If any of the following rules are broken, a discussion will follow with either the Commander or the Lieitenant. Of course all things will be taken in consideration, and a small investigation about which and how the rule has been broken, will be taken into account. Furthermore some rules, when broken, will be taken more serious then others.
After a discussion the Commander or the Lieutenant will have with you, further actions will be taken. In worst case scenario you will be resigned from duty/kicked from guild -


* Talk nice to each other; this involves keeping a nice tone in the ooc guildchat and if you talk with each other in whispers. Yes an Officer, Leiutenant, or Commander can tell you to be quiet or simply tell you to keep quiet if youíre not behaving.

* Behave nice towards others; by this I mean that I do not like seeing anyone from my guild being rude towards others. If someone is rude towards you then try not to overreach too fast, maybe they didn't mean it the way you take it. If you feel treated bad by someone, feel free to contact the Commander and she/he shall see to it. IF it becomes harassment, put the person on ignore or/and report him/her. And yes if it happens with people from out side of the guild, this rule accrue to them rule aswell. If you misbehave it could hit the rest of us.

* We are here to have fun so don't take loot/drops and stuff too serious; This means also that we do not change our loot rules for anyone. (This will only really accrue if we did ever decide to go on a raid).

* We do NOT gank; pretty clear what it means, however I shall cut it out in black and white. Silverwing Outrunners DO NOT gank, not then, not now, not ever.
We do defend our cities and such, but that doesnít mean that we will go out and just hunt down Hordies on our path. It is NOT accepted.


* Don't do ooc in Say; we are an RP guild, so ooc in say will be commented on. And will NOT accepted!

* I do not accept any of you using spite to get back at a person for ooc reasons; DO NOT take ooc into ic!

* Accept and follow your superiors orders, we are a military unit; this means that the ranks that people are given within the guild DOES mean something.


* It's is accepted that you raid with others; we are not focused on PvE so this means that we will only go raid as a guild if/when we have ten dedicated and okay geared level 80ís who feel like having fun.

* Have patience; if we do go and raid something together, then have patience and try to have fun instead.

* Need for items that is for your spec; if something drops for your class, but not your spec, you can ask if it's okay that you need for it.

* We go for fun; so battling about who has the higest dps/healing is tabu.

* We go the Silverwing way (we got balls of steel); this means that arguing with the raid leader about his/her tactics are not accepted.

-All rules can be changed if the council find it needed, and new ones can be added. But discusion of the rules is only a privilege for the council (The Commander, The Lieutenant, and The Advisors). However if you really have something you NEED to point out, feel free to contact the Commander.-

Commander Arounah Maylin Veldrin.

Updated 02-04-2010

Commander Arounah Maylin Veldrin
OOC: Nanna (Yes Im Miriel Razz )
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Guild Rules!
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