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 Guild Concept!

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PostSubject: Guild Concept!   Fri Apr 02, 2010 7:04 am

The Concept.

The Silverwing Outrunners is an RP (PvP/PvE) Alliance guild. Our focus is on the RP aspect of the game, and we wonít do any planned raids. However people are allowed to raid as much as they want, and perhaps every now and then a guild raid will be planned.
RP events will accure when time is for it, but donít expect it to be once a week. Also guildmeetings will be organised, expect to put side aside once a week for these.
Itís wanted that every one is in the World Defense chat so that we can quickly see where we have to go to defend. Itís not a must, but it does make life a lot easier.

The Silverwing Outrunners main priority is to protect the Alliance territories in order to try and keep the lands safe for the younglings to pass without too much trouble, and to make sure that the lands are safe from the roaming of The Horde. This we do by patroling the areas which is attacked the most, as often as possible. Furthermore we do our best to aid when ever we are needed.
Silverwing Outrunners will stand force against any enemy, but if we are to attack there has to be a reason good enough for it. As the Silverwings are ment to be defenders, not an attacking force.

The Silverwing Outrunners Stronghold is primarily in Darnassus, however we will patrol a lot through Ashenvale and Darkshore, and will therefore also be found in Astranaar a lot.
On rare occations the Silverwing Outrunners will show themselves on Eastern Kingdoms, these occations are if Silverwing Outrunners aid is required there, or if a diplomatic meeting is being held there.

If there is any questions about The Silverwing Outrunners concept feel free to address the question to me or my second in Command, Lariena.

Commander Arounah Maylin Veldrin.

Updated 02-04-2010

Commander Arounah Maylin Veldrin
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Guild Concept!
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