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 Guild Ranks!

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PostSubject: Guild Ranks!   Fri Apr 02, 2010 9:56 am

Following message is about the ranks of the guild, and how to gain such ranks.

Off Duty: This rank is for members who for some reason that we donít know, have gone missing in action. If you donít log on for two weeks, and donít tell us what is going on you will loose your rank and be demoted to this rank. When you come back you will be promoted up to Outrunner, and after that will have to work your way up to what ever rank you had before your AFK.

Furthermore this rank is also a punishment rank. If you misbehave in anyway (Show the realm rules disrespect, show the guild rules disrespect, show the members disrespect, show the Officers disrespect, or show the Commander disrespect) you will be demoted to this rank and you will stay on this rank until you have shown that you can act as wanted in this guild. This rule also be used in character, are you disobeying too often and basically now acting like a part of the ďfamilyĒ you WILL be demoted till we find you worthy of being a part of the team again.

If you get demoted to this rank because of misbehaving, and you managed to prove to us that you are worthy of a promotion, you will gain the Apprentice and you will be on trial again.

Apprentice: When you get accepted to the guild you gain the rank Apprentice. As Apprentice you will be on trial for about two weeks, during these two weeks you will be tested and best behaviour is expected from you. You will gain the Outrunner rank when you have proven that you want to stay in the guild, and participating to at least one guildmeeting.

Outrunner: As an Outrunner you are now a fully accepted member of the guild. This is the most normal rank to have, and you will only gain further rank if you prove your self worthy, do something special for the guild, or you are very helpful.
In the field the Outrunner function as the spy.

Sentinel: This is the rank of elite soldiers members who show there deep loyalty and who is trustworthy. To become this rank one has to really show himself or herself worthy. Some will never gain this rank, this doesn't mean the person are not liked, but it often means that the person is not very social with the rest of us, and so we can't know rather the person is very loyal or a badckstabber.
In the field the Silverwing function as the elite soldier, or person who does special jobs.

Honoured: When a Officer steps down from his or her duties, he or she will be awarded this rank to show the guilds gratitude for their work.
Any Officer with this rank can come back as Officer as soon as they want to, as long as it wont overrun the entire guild with Officers.

Champion: The Champion is the rank of the officers. To see what kind of job the different officers have look in their note (in wow). To gain this rank you have to show an effort in doing things for the guild. To gain this rank you will have to apply in a PM to the Commander, however mostly the Officers will find the ones fitting for the job.

As an Champion your also a part of the Silverwing Outrunner Council. Here you are able to discuss issues within the guild, both ICly and OOCly, rules, Memebers, and RP. It is your responsibility as a Champion to make sure that you know whatís going on, so that you can make sure you make the right decisions in any matter concerning the guild.
In the field the Champions will be the ones who yell out the orders and command people.

Vaultior: The Vaultior is the one managing our vault. If you have anything you want to request from the vault you have to sent the Vaultior a PM on the forum, a in game letter (doesnít have to be in character), or a whisper in game.
(At the moment the Vaultior is The Commanders alt).

Lieutenant: The Lieutenant is the second in command. When the Commander is not around the Lieutenant is the one who makes sure everything doesn't fall apart. The Lieutenant won't make decisions or change anything without the consent of the Commander and will therefore work as substitute in the absent of the Commander.

To gain this rank it first of all will have to be free, and second of all you have to gain the trust of the Commander fully.

In the field the Lieutenant commands the Champions and makes sure the right orders are given out. Furthermore organizing attacks and patrols is the job of the Lieutenant, in cooperation with the Commander.

Commander: The Commander is the leader and diplomat of the guild. The leader takes care of the contact with the Alliance and makes sure that the right orders are being given to the right people.
Furthermore the Commander works as diplomat to other guilds or persons (unless another person creates the contact, in that case the Commander will be brought in).

To gain this rank the Commander has to be asked to leave by vote, resign or in worse case the Commander is dead.

In the field the Commander makes sure everything goes as planed and makes sure everyone does as told. Furthermore the Commander commands the Lieutenant and Champions.

Commander Arounah Maylin Veldrin.

Updated 02-04-2010

Commander Arounah Maylin Veldrin
OOC: Nanna (Yes Im Miriel Razz )
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Guild Ranks!
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